How to Permanently Lose Weight?

Permanently Lose WeightIf you have some experience and have been trying to lose weight for some time you must have noticed that when you lose weight, almost always you gain it back afterwards. If you share your experience with other people who deal with this same problem you will understand that you are not the only person who struggles with gaining back the lost weight. Almost everyone have this same problem. We all lose some weight at first but eventually gain it back afterwards.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself the question ”How to permanently lose weight?!” The answer is very simple. We all need to understand why people gain back the weight they’ve lost before. Basically, the problem appears because people usually aren’t interested in long term weight loss and do not think about how to permanently lose weight. That results in two even bigger problems.

1) People stop using their programs

It’s really strange to explain but for some reasons some people don’t understand this concept. Some people still believe that after you’ve successfully lost weight you can stop practicing your program and get back to the food you ate before. They believe that they can apply a strict diet for 10 weeks, lose 10 kilograms (22 lbs) and afterwards just quit the program and get back to eating the food that made them over-weight in the first place. Well, the process of weight loss doesn’t work like that. If you lose some weight applying a program and want to keep the new body weight stable you will have to apply that program for the rest of your life!

Therefore, I recommend you to think of everything in advance. When you create your weight loss strategy, remember that you need to create one that you’ll be able to apply your whole life. For example, you can apply a strategy which involves you not eating after 8 o’clock in the evening. If this program, initially helps you lose weight, ask yourself whether you’re able and feel comfortable applying it your whole life.

Specifically, ask yourself:

Can I restrain myself from not eating after 8 o’clock in the evening for the rest of my life?

It the answer is “No” then you shouldn’t apply this program.

Now, you might be thinking

Well, I need to lose weight anyways, so I’ll worry about the other stuff later!

Thinking like this and not worrying about later would be you making a catastrophic mistake! Trust me, there is nothing worse and demotivating than losing 10 kilograms (22 lbs), get everyone’s compliments and praise and later on gain back those lost 10 kilograms (22 lbs) overnight. Believe me, it’s better to lose 3 kilograms (6.6 lbs) slowly and permanently, than 10 kilograms (22 lbs) quickly and temporarily.

2) The program stops functioning.

There are people who are committed to a certain program and follow that program for the rest of their life, but still it happens that the program stops to function. For example, many vegetarians experience this problem. When they first start to practice vegetarianism, they lose weight incredibly fast. However, they later encounter a problem. Somehow, magically, unexplainably their bodies start to gain weight. Even though they eat strictly vegetarian food, their bodies gain weight and eventually these people become overweight vegetarians.

What happens? The problem in these cases is that the people are oblivious when it comes to knowing the reasons why a certain program helps them to lose or gain weight. That means that you have no guarantee that the program will continue to affect your body in the same manner. You must know why, you must be aware of the reasons that make you lose or gain weight. Specifically, what happens to the vegetarians later on? What are the reasons?

Well, what happens is that in the beginning when a person starts to practice vegetarianism he/she eats less food and therefore enters fewer calories in his/her body. Why is that? In the beginning when you start to eat vegetarian food, the number of meals you’d like to eat is somewhat limited. Half of the food you enjoyed eating before is now off the program. In the beginning you’ll eat less, mostly because you’ll find the vegetarian food and meals strange and even not-eatable.

However, in time you will eventually get used to the vegetarian food and without noticing you will discover more food and think of it as more delicious and as time passes you will also eat more. You will eventually reach the former number of calories you entered and you will gain weight.

What’s the solution?

There is one, an obvious but really impractical solution. You can try out all the different weight loss programs until you find the one that works for you the best and that helps you lose weight without gaining it back later. Or… you can try my approach. I personally recommend you to apply a solution that’s more logical and that will work guaranteed. I recommend you:

  • To count calories;
  • To create your personal weight loss plan;
  • To pick your personal weight loss speed;

Why? Because the truth is that there is only one way to keep your body weight stable. That’s to eat fewer calories than you spend. There is no food, exercise or a supplement in the world that breaks the rules of nature. It’s a scientific fact that people lose weight only because they have entered fewer calories.

Correspondingly, whenever you gain weight, it means that you have entered more calories than you have spent. Keep in mind that this might not be a conscientious process of entering more calories and in most cases it isn’t. The vegetarian isn’t aware that he/she eats fewer calories in the beginning, but if you count his/hers caloric intake you will find out that that’s exactly the case.

Furthermore, there is no person in the planet that’s completely the same like you. You are a unique person. Your chances to find a program that’s perfect and designed just for you are extremely slim. On the other hand we are all physically identical and all our bodies transform 8000 calories into 1 kilogram (2.2 lb) of fat and vise versa if spend, the 8000 calories equal weight loss of 1 kilogram (2.2 lb). However, we are all different when it comes to the approaches that make us eat more or less, make us lose or gain weight. Also, every one of us has different reasons to overeat.

Finally, the main reason why people can’t keep their body weight stable after they’ve lost the extra weight is because they were hurrying up their weight loss. They might have selected a program which was extremely hard and tiring. When confronted with their problem, aware that they won’t be able to apply such program life long, people often decide to lose the extra weight first and deal with the rest later. But that doesn’t work like that. It’s better to lose a few kilograms a month applying a super-easy and sustainable method, rather than lose 4 kilograms (8.8 lbs) a month applying a hard, tiring and overly demanding method.

To conclude

Firstly, learn to count calories. Secondly, create your own personal weight loss program and third, determine your right speed to weight loss.

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