Can We Lose Weight Without Counting Calories?

counting-caloriesOne of the most common questions I get is – Do I have to count calories? Usually, my answer is “Of course you don’t have to.” Theoretically, people can lose weight without counting calories.

Simultaneously, it’s possible to get rich without counting money. Theoretically, it’s possible to have no idea about your business’ profits or what activities generate you income and still to be successful and make money. However, the chances that you’ll ear a lot without counting money are slim. Extremely slim! It’s the same with counting calories. All scientific researches show that people, who don’t count calories, don’t lose weight or they eventually gain back the lost weight again, once they stop counting calories.

Why can’t we lose weight without counting calories?

The answer to this question lies in the highly complicated human brain. The truth is that our brain is really successful at telling lies. For example, researches show that the obese people eat lot more than they actually think, while the skinny people eat lot less than they actually think. So, in this case the both groups of people lie to themselves.

When an extremely-obese person tells you that she eats moderately, she doesn’t lie, she really believes in it because her brain tends to erase the memories of over-eating. Usually, an extremely-obese person talks about how he/she only eats salads. However what they forget is that they’ve previously ate 12 000 calories of food just relaxing in front of the TV, watching the Thursday’s show. That single over-eating destroys the numerous weeks of salad eating benefits.

Nevertheless, most of us aren’t that extreme cases, like the 300 kilograms person you watched on the TV, but the truth us that we are at least little bit deluding ourselves. Eventually, the extra bite here and there results in extra 5 kilograms of body fat. Even though we continue to persuade ourselves, we still, somehow, magically gain weight as the years pass.

The truth is that if you don’t count calories, you won’t know if you’re eating more or less. The extra bites of food here and there are easily forgettable. However, the extra bites of food here and there result in a daily intake of an extra 500-600 calories.

There is an even more important reason.

Anyways, it’s common knowledge that everyone is a unique individual. You are as well. There is nobody like you on this planet. Additionally, there is no nutrition program that’s perfect and made just for you on the planet. You might have heard few success stories, from people who lost weight. However, the chances that you’ll lose weight following their programs are extremely slim.

For example, your friend from the gym entrusts you with his program, which consists eating vegetables strictly before lunch and fasting once a week. Admittedly, this program might have worked for him, but that doesn’t mean that it will function for you as well.

What does this have to do with counting calories?

Counting calories is the fastest way to figure out whether some program or a technique works or it doesn’t work for you. Excluding some cases of unhealthy starving, losing weight is an extremely slow process. Rarely happens that someone loses half a kilogram in a week. And yes, the measurement scale don’t measure body fat.  The people who claim losing 5 kilograms, don’t know that the body firstly dispatches body water. Out of those 5 kilograms, only 500 grams might be body fat, while the rest is water.

Now, let me ask you if you have 3-4 weeks available to invest in each and every program there is, so you could figure out whether it works for you. Let’s say that you’ve taken the advice and started to follow your gym friend’s program. You applied it for 4 weeks and kept your fingers crossed. Personally, I think that that’s a lot of unproductively spent time, which can be especially confusing when the number of 50-100 things you would need to try as well comes to mind. Are you ready to spend 400 weeks to find out which nutrition program works for you the best?

Since I know you’re not familiar with this fact I’ll be happy to share it with you. It says that a person tries in average, 10-50 different weight loss strategies in order to find something that’ll be suitable and efficient for life. Other people might try hundred different methods before they find the one.

There’s quicker way

You can start by applying a method and then monitoring the number of calories you’ve lost at the end of the day. Start today and eat slowly. Afterwards calculate the calories you’ve eaten. If the results show less than 2000 calories, the trick was successful because till then your daily average had been 2000 calories.

That means that you needn’t have to practice the trick for 4 weeks and then weight yourself to check whether the trick worked for you. Use the math and easily find out that the trick is successful, it makes you eat less and will therefore result in considerable weight loss. Thanks to counting calories you needn’t have to spend 4 weeks to get this very same answer to the question – Does this trick work?

How to stop counting calories?

My advice is to practice counting the calories you intake until you lose the extra weight. Why? It’s important to keep counting calories while applying certain strategy because usually the first try may be deceitful. The results may be false, meaning you’ve ate considerably fewer calories in your first try. However, if you stop counting calories in that moment, you won’t be able to notice the possible increase of the calories you intake further on. Personally, I conducted one strategy to lose the first 10 kilograms, another to lose the next 10 kilograms and a third strategy to lose the last 10 kilograms and keep in shape for life.

Naturally, after some time diets stop to function as they did before. The diets are just temporary tricks which reduce caloric intakes. Admittedly, in the first try, their results are the biggest. However, as time passes, their effects decrease as the body loses weight and adapts to them simultaneously. Therefore, it’s out of great importance that you continue to count your caloric intake at least until you lose the extra weight. If you stop counting calories you won’t know why you’re losing weight and eventually you’ll stop losing weight.

You’ll need to count calories regularly, until you lose the extra weight.

How to create a weight loss plan, will help you conduct a weight loss plan and successfully practice combinations of tricks.

Are you count calories?

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