How To Lose a Few Pounds With The Fastest And Easiest Way

how-to-lose few-pounds-fastIf you are just a few kilograms – pounds overweight and want to lose them, I have good news for you! You can lose those kilos following an extremely easy and simple way. You will eat whatever you like and you wouldn’t have to deal with special exercises, programs and weight loss diets.

Short note: This Weight Loss Program is especially designed for people who have a few, 3-4 kg. (6-8 lbs) of body fat that they’d like to lose in order to achieve their ideal body weight. However if you have more than 5 kg. (11 lbs) of body fat to lose, How to Create a Weight Loss Plan is the right start for you.

Attention: I’m talking about the real kilos – pounds of fat here! Everyone who starts to apply a diet loses at least 3, 4 or 5 kilos (6-8-11 lbs) of water in the first days. Extremely obese people can lose up to 20 kilos (44 lbs) of water without losing a single gram of body fat. I don’t deal with those kilos!

When talking about the weight you have to lose in order to reach your specific ideal weight, we mean body fat. Since you can lose the first kilograms of fat after you’ve lost the body water it’s clear that you should follow changes in body fat and not the changes in the total weight.

However if you are only a few kilos – pounds overweight and you wish to lose them, then you’re a luck person. In comparison, there are people who are seriously obese, have more kilos – pounds of fat to lose and therefore need to work a lot more in order to reach their ideal weight. You don’t have to apply those extra efforts so you could achieve the desired results. I won’t bore you with unimportant theories, analysis or anything like that. Since I want you to achieve quick, easy and practical results, I’ll talk purely practice and implementation.

Light speed ahead

If you’re a skinny person and you’ve been like that your whole life then you have a big advantage. Actually, that means that all the treats connected with fast weight loss that the media, the scientists and even this site point at are irrelevant to you.  If you are a naturally skinny person and want to lose few pounds in order to tone your body and look better, then you can lose the weight as fast as you like.

I have an idea!

Why complicate, why wait? All the dumb complications are intended for people who have a more serious weight problem. You on the other hand can lose the extra weight faster, easier and more efficiently. When losing weight, why not do it as fast as possible?

Personally, I recommend this idea to you. Set a goal which will help you lose weight instantly. You have little weight to lose anyways so why not lose the extra kilos – pounds by applying a more intensive, harder to apply, more efficient method. Why should you wait for months to reach your ideal weight, when you can have your perfect body in just few weeks?

However, I do not recommend the intensive methods to people who are more than just a few kilos overweight, because they need to lose weight continuously, during longer periods of time, months for example in order to lose the kilograms successfully and permanently. But if you have only few kilograms to lose, you can achieve your ideal body and resolve the extra weight problem in a pair of weeks.

Then, how to lose those kilograms?

There are a few super simple ways to do this. This Weight Loss Program might look complex at first sight, but I assure you that it will take you only 10 minutes and you will profit from those 10 minutes. What you need to do in order to lose weight with extreme and instant speed is:

Calculate your (BMR) metabolism here.

Choose a trick and lose weight extra-turbo quickly, with 1-1.5 kg. (2-3 lbs) of pure body fat a week.

Trick 1- Temporary water fasting

This technique stems from the logic that the easiest way to reduce calories is… simply do not eat. With this technique you are needed to do different nutrition every day. That means that  there will be days when you are not supposed to eat a single gram of food, while the next one is a normal nutrition day. The day after is again no food day and so on continuously until you reach your goal. In order to calculate how many days you need to follow the temporary water fasting trick, you have to do a little math.

1 kilogram (2 lbs) of fat weights 8000 calories.

Let’s suppose that your metabolism is 2000 calories a day. That means that if you apply the water fasting trick two times a week, you will lose 4000 calories (2 x 2000 = 4000) or approximately half a kilogram – pound of fat a week.
However, if you apply the temporary fasting trick 4 times a week, you will lose 8000 calories (4 x 2000 = 8000) or you’ll reduce your body weight for a kilogram of fat in just one week.

Now try to calculate your personal metabolism (BMR). Calculate how many individual fasting days you need to conduct in order to lose the extra kilograms of fat.

For example 3 kilos (6 lbs) of fat:

In order to lose 3 kilograms of fat you’ll need to lose 24 000 calories (3 x 8000 = 24 000). If your metabolism is 1700 calories, you’ll lose 1700 calories of fat in each individual day fasting. How many days you’ll need to fast in order to lose the extra 3 kilograms? –You’ll need to fast for 14 days (24 000/1700 = 14). You’ll lose the extra 3 kilos of body fat after you conduct 14 days of fasting.

Trick 2- Protein fasting

The Protein fasting is an easier option if you like to achieve the goal of losing weight with more fasting periods. You can follow this version every day until you are satisfied with the results. The protein fasting nutrition program includes eating meals which are purely protein meals with no fats. For example, the protein fasting program implies eating 3 meals in a day which may include: no fat tuna fish or chicken steak and unlimited amounts of vegetables. This nutrition satiates up to 400 calories of food in a day.

The math is:

If you want to lose 3 kg. (6 lbs) of extra weight, you’ll need to burn 24 000 calories (3 x 8000 = 24 000). A metabolism of 1800 calories will lose up to 1200 calories on daily basis if subjected to Protein fasting. (1800-400 = 1200).

Divide the total number of calories with the number of calories you lose in a day while protein fasting. The result is 20. That means that a metabolism of 1800 calories will lose 3 kg. of body fat, 24000 calories in 20 days or 1200 calories a day. (24000/1200=20). Now, conduct this same calculation, using your personal metabolism (BMR), information and goals.

Trick 3- Caloric restriction

If you want to eat every day, you can achieve your goals of losing weight though limiting your caloric intake by eating less. All you need to do is to eat 1200 calories fewer in comparison to your metabolism needs. Let me show you how that works:

If your metabolism is 2200 calories, by subtraction you subtract 1200, which equals 1000 calories. By losing 1200 calories a day, you lose 8000 calories a week, which equals one kilogram of fat a week. (7 x 1200 = 8000).

That means a metabolism of 2200 calories will lose 24 000 calories, or 3 kilograms of fat in three weeks, or a kilogram of fat a week, by limiting the caloric intake to 1000 calories a day.

To conclude

If you eat 1000 calories a day you will lose minimum 1 kg. of body fat in just one week of following the caloric restriction program. Continuously, you will lose 2 kg. of body fat in two weeks and 3 kg. of body fat in three weeks. Fortunately, if you are not experienced in calorie counting, you can go to the supermarket and buy ready to eat meals on which the quantity of calories is declared. Then, you can conduct a plan of meals which don’t exceed the total of 1000 calories a day. For example, your plan can consist of a croissant (250 calories), pizza (450 calories), soup (100 calories) and half a packet of macaroni (250 calories). This nutrition plan totals 1000 calories in a single day. You can conduct a nutrition plan for the days that come or you can simply decide to follow the same food regiment. By conducting this nutrition regiment for three weeks, you’ll lose three kilograms of fat. I guarantee.

Bonus- Aerobic exercises

The three nutrition types numbered above are quite brutal and hard, but if you’re committed enough to losing weight, are willing, and have the energy for, you can always incorporate aerobic exercises to your weight loss plan. The aerobic exercises will help you burn additional calories, which will speed up your weight loss considerably.

Instead of fasting for 20 days you will lose the extra kilograms in just 15 days. Sincerely said, it’s unimportant, it really doesn’t matter how long it took you to lose the weight. However, I would recommend you to consider doing aerobic exercises as a bonus and not to completely depend on it. The main reason is the fact that no one except a science lab can tell you how many calories you’ve lost by exercising. Therefore, I would like you to concentrate yourselves on devising a strict nutrition plan in which you’ll clearly state and agree on the number of calories you intake and calories or kilograms you lose. Focus yourselves on the nutrition plans and then if applicable add aerobic exercises, go jogging, cycling, swimming and etc.

The aerobic exercises are a bonus that will help you achieve your goals faster, but then again, do not depend on them and grasp them as the cherry on the top of the icing and as a surprise. If the nutrition plan is conducted to help you lose weight in 15 days, by doing aerobic exercises you will not only lose the weight in the projected time, but you’ll do so faster and more efficiently.

Note:  If the idea of losing weight by exercising, without making changes in your nutrition came up your mind, be prepare to be disappointed. It doesn’t work! Some people are able to lose weight with just exercising and some are not. Why is that? It’s simple. If you tell people that by only exercising they can lose weight they will unconsciously eat more through the day, which will result negatively as if they’ve never exercised. Plan your nutrition plans as a principal toll to losing weight, while consider exercising more of an accelerator.

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