How to Create a Weight Loss Plan – Lose Weight Once And For All

weight-loss-planThis Weight Loss Plan is not for immature people: If you’re in search for a diet that will make you lose 10 kg. (22 lbs) in 10 days, then you are definitely not on the right place and you should leave immediately. This site is designed for people who are aware that those kinds of diets that help you lose 10 kg. (22 lbs) in 10 days are based on discharge of body water. However, this Weight Loss Plan will help lose weight once and for all and permanently.

Remember: You’re a unique person. No one on this planet is like you. Therefore no one has, or can give you a weight loss plan that’s exactly made just for you. You will have to create your own weight loss plan that suits you and your needs and habits the best.

Anyway, most of the people who have weight problems aren’t able to resolve it because they continuously deceive themselves with body water being lost. In fact, no matter if they’ve learned not to fool themselves, learn how to measure body fat etc. most of them will continue to have weight related problems. Why does this happen? Why some people can’t lose weight? The main reason why nothing works for them is that they use else’s weight loss plan.

It’s little ironic, but people use others’ weight loss plans, nutrition programs and etc. because of laziness. As a result, they spend years, even decades jumping around from one diet to another, from one plan to another. And nothing works for them! Admittedly, a weight loss plan designed for an American lawyer from Texas, or a model from Italy won’t work for you.

It’s time you succeed! This Weight Loss Plan will show you how.

  • How to exactly determine what weight and proportions you should achieve.
  • How to determine your metabolism, fat level and body proportions.
  • How to create a strategy and a weight loss plan that guarantee success.
  • How to follow your progress and to exactly know why something is or isn’t working for you.

We will do this together, gradually, step-by-step.

At moments this text and the whole process might seem a little boring. However, if you want to resolve your weight loss problems this is the right way to go. To be sincere, I wish I had a magic wand that I could give to you so you could wake up with your ideal weight even tomorrow. Unfortunately, magic wands don’t exist.

I could only wish that some magical weight loss plan exist just for you, which will work just for you. I wish I could advice you to “Eat this, eat that, don’t eat this, eat this one with that…” but the truth is that the only way to permanently lose weight is to create a unique weight loss plan based on yourselves, your metabolisms, your personal tastes and your personal living styles.

1) Make evaluation of your body’s condition

In order to achieve your goals, you must first know where you are, and then where you’re going.

  • To find out your current level of fat, look here.
  • To find out your ideal level of fat, look here.
  • Use your ideal level of fat and calculate manually how many kilograms (lbs) you need to lose.

2) Decide in which group of people you belong

A) If you’re one of those people who want to tone up or lose a few, 3-4 kg. (6-8 lbs) you don’t have to deal yourself with the remaining of this text. Read “How To Lose a Few Pounds With The Fastest And Easiest Way

B) If you have more than 5-6 kg. ( 11-13 lbs) to lose or you have troubled yourself to lose them your whole life, I suggest you to continue reading this text.

C) Make evaluation of your living condition

The diets and plans are either designed to create false weight loss through dispatch of body water or to work solely for their author and his living style. Thus, they don’t work for anyone else. The twist is that each and every one of us has a unique living condition. We all have different metabolisms, living habits, friends, different forms of appetite and lots of other factors. That means that it’s important to know yourself and the factors you are dealing with.

– I suggest you to conduct a 5-6 weeks long experiment, which will help you count calories and measure your weight. With the help of this experiment you will find out exactly what is your metabolism, what kind of body and nutrition you are dealing with.

– I also recommend you to start writing a diary during the 6 weeks. That means that you will have to write down how often and why you over-eat. Is it because of stress, nervousness or is it a habit. You should also write down how your friends, school, family, work and stress affect your nutrition.

Finally, it’s time to create the weight loss plan.

So, I guess you conducted the six-week experiment and found out that we have a lot of work to do, ha? That means that in this very moment you should also have the diary about your nutrition, living habits and living style in the past six weeks.

This is very powerful data which will unable you to create the perfect weight loss plan and help you lose the weight permanently. This plan will be unique and made just for you.

If you already have the needed data, it’s time to begin creating the weight loss plan. This whole process might seem a little long at moments, but trust me it’s worth the next 30 minutes you’re about to spend creating your ultimate method to losing weight and achieving your perfect body weight.

Step 1: Decide what your goals are

In order to show you what this process looks like, I will show you an example of a man that went through the whole process, step-by-step;

Meet Adam. He is 180 cm tall and weights 92 kg. (202 lbs).  Adam trained in the gym regularly for the past 3-4 years, so he has solid muscle mass, but also has a lot of fat layered over which makes him look fat.

– After doing the six-week experiment Adam found out that in a regular day he eat 2400 calories, that he has fat deposits equal to 22% of the body weight and a metabolism of 2300 calories.

– Aware of the information about his body fat, he decides that his ultimate goal should be losing the extra fat deposits and reaching 8% of body fat.

– In order to achieve this, the Body Fat Calculator (or mathematics) inform him that he needs to lose 12 kg. (26 lbs) of body fat.

– Looking at his body proportions, he concludes that he is currently satisfied with his muscle mass and development and decides not to pursue it with them same pace.

Another example is:

Alex stands 175 cm tall and has 80 kg. (176 lbs). He doesn’t work out and has no interests of achieving the ideal male body. He just wants to look like a skinny model.

– He finds out that until that moment he usually ate 2200 calories a day, that he has 18% of body fat and a metabolism of 2200 calories.

– Considering the information about the body fat, he decides that his goal is to reach 10% body fats and thus look leaner.

– In order to do so, the Body Fat Calculator informs him that he will need to lose 9 kg (19 lbs) of body fat.

Maria is another example:

Maria weights 60 kg. (132 lbs) . Her goal is to achieve a perfect female body and tone her body as much as possible.

– Her results are: Her daily caloric intake is 1600 calories and her metabolism is as well 1600 calories a day.

– By taking the information about her body fats in mind, she decides that she wants to achieve 20% of body fats.

– In order to achieve this, the Body Fat Calculator (or mathematics) show Maria that she will need to lose approximately 8 kilograms ( lbs) of fat.

Step 2: What to do first?

If you are only a few kilograms ( lbs) over-weight and want to lose them, you can see this text for quick weight loss. However, if you are more than few kilograms overweight and you have a problem with losing them, you need to work on resolving that problem gradually. If you need to lose 10 kg. (22 lbs) than you need to prepare yourself for a longer and harder process in order to lose those extra 10 kg (22 lbs).

Most of the people, who successfully lose more than just a few kilograms of weight, do that gradually, in phases. Your goal is so further that you even can’t see the finish line. Therefore it is practically impossible to plan what you’ll need to do in order to lose all the extra kg. ( lbs) in advance.

Firstly, you will have to make a weight loss plan for losing the first 3-4 kg (6-8 lbs). After you lose the first 3-4 kg (6-8 lbs), you’ll need to make a new assessment. The new assessment should help you change and complement the existing weigh loss plan, thus resulting in losing of the next 3-4 kg ( 6-8 lbs). And so on, continue this practice until you lose all the extra kilograms. To see how this looks in practice, here are the same three examples with Adam, Alex and Maria:

– Adam: After looking at the weight loss diary that he had kept during the six-week experiment he finds out that his biggest problem is that he eats to fast. During the experiment period, he also found out that if he tries to eat a little bit slower, his daily caloric intake average drops between 1700-1800 calories, without any additional efforts.

Adam is practically amazed by the quantity of food he is satiated with when eating slower. Also, during the six-week experiment he applied some trick for eating less. Occasionally, Adam even tried to fast and deliberately limit his caloric intake. Unfortunately, these two methods didn’t work as good as eating slowly did.

– Therefore, Adam decides to lose the first 3-4 kg. (6-8 lbs) using the simplest possible way.

– According to the mathematics done, by eating more slowly Adam will intake 1700 calories in a day, which is 500 calories fewer than his metabolism. That will be enough to lose 2 kg. (4 lbs) a month.

– He also decides that he doesn’t have to hurry himself to lose the first few kilograms, because he is happy with the 2 kg. (4 lbs) of weight loss that the slower eating pace promises him.

What about Alex?

The results of Alex six-week experiment show that his biggest problem is that he eats too much fast food and drinks alcohol. He also found out that he has troubles refusing food in the restaurants he visits really often. Looking at the diary he kept he learn that up to 10% of his weekly total caloric intake comes from restaurant food. Surprisingly, he also found out that these 10% of caloric intake derive from the food he ate even though he was not hungry.

Therefore, Alex decided to apply a simple but effective trick that he read in the list of tricks for eating less. He decided to refuse the food he was offered to eat when he wasn’t hungry. He found out that in the periods when he practiced this trick his daily average of caloric intake drops from 2200 calories to just 2000 calories!

– By looking at the calculations, Alex finds out that with just cutting out his restaurant visits he loses 200 calories a day, which is 1 kg (2 lbs) a month.

– Even though he is in no hurry to lose weight, he agrees that losing just 1 kilogram a month is not enough and therefore decides to apply few other methods, like occasional fasting and jogging, which he does 3 times a week.

– For the time being, Alex is determined to lose 3-4 kg. (6-8 lbs) with jogging, skipping restaurant visits and occasional fasting.

What about Maria?

After conducting the six-week experiment Maria finds out that her most common problem is that she often over-feeds herself with chocolate. Amazingly, the numbers show Maria that almost 50% of her weekly caloric intake comes from chocolate!

Maria confesses that she simply can’t control her eating habits when she’s around chocolate, so she applied the trick with eliminated food she was recommended to try after reading about it here, on the Olivia Joness Blog. After trying out the trick, she was surprised by the numbers which said that her caloric intake average dropped to 1200 calories a day.

– Maria decided to forbid herself the chocolate, but continue to eat everything else without any changes.

– According to the math done, Maria is expected to lose 400 calories a day, which means one and a half kilogram a month.

– She decided to try the trick with eliminated chocolate from her nutrition and see how it goes.

Step 3: Time to review the results

First of all, you are supposed to apply one plan during a period of few weeks or months. Afterwards, you should decide whether the plan and the techniques it’s consisted of worked for you and whether you experience any positive changes. You should also consider applying some other possible techniques to the plan or eliminate some of the existing techniques if necessary. Let’s observe the third step through our three examples:

– Adam can’t be happier with the results. He succeeded to lose 5 kg. (11 lbs) in 2 months, without any effort, pain or sweat. He just ate his meals more slowly throughout they day and everything worked for him.

He is really satisfied. Some days he ate more, some days he ate less, but all in all, on a weekly level, his daily average dropped down  to 1700 calories! That’s why he lost 5 kg. (11 lbs) without any problems. All of his friends and family are wondering how he lost 5 kg. – 11 lb. without any diets!

– Considering the fact he’s been doing so well, John decided to lose the final 6 kg. as fast as possible. Therefore, he introduced occasional fasting to his weigh loss plan hoping that this time he’ll benefit from it, since he’s more disciplined than the last time he practiced fasting.

How is Alex doing?  

Alex subjected himself to occasional fasting as did John above. However, Alex managed to lose a lot more weight. He lost 6 kg. (13 lbs) in just 5 weeks. He said that fasting is easy to him. Alex practiced fasting 2 times a week. He spent 2 whole days without any food, just water. The average caloric intake on the days he ate was 2000 calories, while he still successfully rejects eating at the restaurant, especially when he’s not hungry.

However, he learn that the jogging trick didn’t work for him. Why is that? The jogging trick did not work for him because instead of losing calories in those periods, he eat excessively and he often over-fed himself since his appetite grew immensely in those periods as well. Since he wasn’t losing any weight by jogging and he wasn’t gaining any by eating more, he decided to eliminate jogging from his plan list of techniques.

– Considering the fact that Alex made significant progress and lost 6 kg. in just 5 weeks with escaping restaurants and occasional fasting he decided to continue the weight loss plan.

– He likes how he looks in the mirror, he said. However he also wants to lose an additional 3-4 kg. in order to be even happier.

What about Maria? How is she doing?

She was doing well at the start. Since she disposed all of her chocolate stocks from her home, she’s been eating less in the first few weeks. But in the third week something interesting started to happen. Instead of chocolates, Maria started to eat bread excessively. Whenever she’s under pressure and stressed, she cracks and starts to eat loafs of bread with no control.

Considering the fact that she’s not living alone, but with her parents, the possibility of disposing the bread as she did with the chocolate is impractical. First, Maria got frustrated, but then she discovered the tricks for eating less. There she discovered visualization and meditation. Maria found out that there are people who managed to resolve their similar problems with these two tricks. She was instantly intrigued and decided to try them.

– Maria decided to try the tricks with meditation and visualization for a few weeks. We shall see what happened next.

Step 4: What next? What if it’s successful? What if it’s unsuccessful?

Some people are lucky enough to find a technique that’s easy and works for them lifelong. Thus, being able to keep their initial body weight stable is their basic task. However, some people, like Maria in our example have to continuously experiment with different techniques in order to find the one that works for them the best.

Other people find a method that works for them at the beginnings, until they lose the first few kilograms, but the same method stops to function afterwards. There are all kinds of metabolism, all kinds of different people and it’s practically impossible to number an example for every case which theoretically can happen. However, I can only hope that with the three examples I chose I’ll be able to picture you the global picture. Now, let’s continue with out examples:

As we read above Adam grew impatient. Even though he lost 5 kg. with no special efforts, with eating more slowly, he got greedy. All of a sudden he decided that he wants to starve and start fasting in order to speed the loss of the last of 5 kg.

Even though Adam knew that he already fasted before and it was unsuccessful he decided to apply fasting once again. What happened? Well… Adam encountered a problem. Whenever he tried to fast, he felt bad and he got depressed. Not only that, but he also experienced uncontrolled big hunger periods in the days after the fasting periods, in which he ate food with 5-6000 calories a day.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the last 5 days John lost his ability he worked for and started to eat faster, which was opposite to what he was supposed to do. Thus, he eat more and entered more calories in his body instead of fewer calories and eating less.  As a result he actually gained weight even though he feasted for one day in a week! He gained back the kilograms he had lost before.

– Afterwards Adam decided to quit the occasional feasting.

– Aware of the positive results he got previously, though practicing slower pace eating, he decided to lose the gained 4-5 kg. and continue with this method only.

How is Alex doing?

By practicing the same trick he practiced before and that helped him lose the first 6 kg., Alex lost his last 4 kg. He achieved the appearance he longed for in the beginning and he had to decide a method that will help him keep his body weight stable.

– Alex used the BMR Calculator to calculate his metabolism.

– After the calculations were done, he found out if he keeps practicing the existing methods, 2-3 times of fasting a month will be enough to keep his weight stable.

– Alex keeps his habits, refuses food when his not hungry, and escapes the occasional restaurant visits when possible. As a result Alex succeeds to keep his perfect body weight permanently.

Is Maria doing better?

After she applied meditation and visualization, Maria discovered how perfectly these two methods work for her. She completely resolved her problem with having no control over the quantity of food she eat. She started to eat normally and managed to lose the whole weight without any problems. Since she decided to meditate and visualize every day, she successfully overcame her problems with chocolate and bread as well. Now, she simply has no problems at all. She practices meditation and visualization which help her lose weight and achieve her ideal body.

– Since she lost the extra weight she was worried about with the help of meditation and visualization, she decided that she didn’t have to count her caloric intake anymore. She is determined to continue practicing the same two methods lifelong and in that way keep her ideal weight stable.

Step 5: What if I’m especially hard case and nothing really works for me?

Adam experienced a lot of problems. He found out that some methods work for him, while others really don’t. As you should already know, fasting didn’t work for him and he gained back the whole weight he had lost before. That made him realize that it was his own fault, because he got greedy and the occasional fasting turned out to be unsuccessful.. Fortunately, he turned back to the methods which proved to be successful and worked for him- like eating more slowly.

By applying the trick with eating more slowly, Alex lost the same 4 kg. he had lost before. However, the trick worked less as he got to the desired weight. Though the trick with slower eating still functioned, Alexander forgot to practice it as time went by. So it happened, that sometimes he even had eaten half of his meal, when he finally resembled that he needed to eat more slowly.

Previously, Adam started every meal thinking that he had to eat more slowly in order to drop his caloric average to 1700 calories a day. However, as time passed Adam started to forget, which resulted in barely two meals to be eaten properly, with a slower pace. When Adam looked at the calories he entered he found out that he ate 2200 calories a day! Eating 2200 calories he was still losing weight, but he did only half a kilogram a month.

– Frustrated by the fact that the occasional fasting turned out unsuccessful, while the practice to eat more slowly gave him some problems as well, like that he was constantly forgetting to eat slowly, Adam didn’t know what to do.

– Even though he was aware that all he needed to was to eat more slowly he often forgot to do so, which rose his average caloric intake to 2200 calories on daily basis.

– This Weight Loss Plan helped Adam to discover the tricks section, where he found out about meditation and visualization and how to incorporate these two methods into practice.

– Since then Adam has been meditating and visualizing. It’s been over a month. Now when he goes through his caloric intake charts he witnesses the facts. Adam’s average caloric intake dropped down to only 1700 calories on daily basis.

– Satisfied with losing 2 kg. a month, Adam continued to meditate the next 4 months, after which he successfully managed to lose all the extra weight he wanted to lose.


Experiment and try out new techniques until you discover the quickest combination of methods that’s also the most practical and easiest. There are people who can focus on eating more slowly, occasional fasting, going jogging, meditation, visualization and etc. simultaneously and before every meal. Further on, not only that they can do all of these things simultaneously but they can also lose weight faster and keep certain level of stability easier. Personally, I envy them and I wish I was like those people.

Most of us can only implement 1-2 methods and that’s our maximum. We can’t do it faster. I don’t say this is a bad thing, since it really isn’t. Different people have different life styles. Some athletes for example can focus on 15 different nutrition or training changes because that’s the only thing they know how to do and it is their job. They have no family, no regular job, and no university to care about. They can focus on these details all day long.

You on the other hand, might not be able to follow a plan which you’ll conduct in order to lose 5 kg. in a single month. And that completely fine! It’s better to work for the body you want to achieve for 9 months rather than not achieve it at all, right? So, keep experimenting like Maria, Adam and Alex did. Keep following your progress, counting calories and eventually you will achieve your goal.


Our goal is not only to lose weight, but to maintain the new weigh we’ve worked for so hard and for so long to lose. Keep in mind that the easier the method you apply is the easier it will be for you to practice it your whole life. For example, if you lose weight through fasting on the Saturdays or eating slowly on the other days of the week and continue to practice these methods, you will maintain the figure you always wanted to have.

However if you lose weight by practicing  15 different methods plus working-out for 3 hours a day, you won’t be able to follow this regiment your whole life and eventually you will gain the lost weight back. Therefore, look for the method that is the simplest, even though it might promise a slower pace to weight loss. It’s better to lose those 4 kilograms for good, than to constantly go back and forth, losing and gaining the same 8 kg. in a hurry.

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