6 Common Habits That Make Psoriasis Worse!

Psoriasis is a result of the accelerated multiplication of skin cells and is often manifested by inflammation on the scalp, feet soles, elbows, knees, and hands.
It is considered to be the most unusual skin condition, and its symptoms include:

Patches of red, inflamed skin
Patches of scales or crust
Nail issues
According to doctors, the causes of this skin condition include infections, stress, excessive alcohol use, skin injuries, genetics, dry weather, certain medications, and smoking (including second-hand). Fortunately, psoriasis can be managed with proper care.

The following tips will help you handle your psoriasis:

Psoriasis Don’ts
Be gentle

You must treat psoriasis gently in order to avoid additional irritations and aggravate the condition. Do not scrub the lesions, and avoid abrasive cleaners, and very hot water while bathing.

Don’t ignore flare-ups

You should never ignore the flare-ups but visit your doctor instead in order to find a proper way to control them.

Don’t stress out

Stress leads to flare-ups, so try to relax, exercise, and eat healthy foods. It is of high importance to get enough sleep. You can try meditation and yoga to handle stress.

Be patient

Remedies that provide positive effects for one person might not be effective for another and this can be frustrating. However, always be patient until you find the proper solution to your problem.

Psoriasis Dos

Sun exposure

The exposure to ultraviolet light soothes the psoriasis lesions. Yet, cover the healthy skin with clothing and apply sunscreen to avoid other adverse effects of the sun exposure, and limit it to 15 minutes.

Keep the skin moisturized

Make sure you always keep the skin well hydrated and apply a generous amount of some oil or moisturizing cream after bathing or showering.

Consult a dermatologist

Dermatologists are specialized in this field and are the right people to help you in the case of psoriasis. Explain your symptoms in details, situations in which they get worse, and all the needed info in order to help the dermatologist specify the problem.

Reach out

Even though this condition is frustrating and tiring, you should not feel depressed about having it. 125 millions of people around the world suffer from it, so you are not alone, nor helpless.

Instead, talk about it with your family and friends, or your doctor. You can also get informed about It on online chats, boards, and psoriasis organizations, like the National Psoriasis Foundation, and thus connect to others who share the same problem.

Soak in a warm bath

To relieve the inflammation and itching and loosen the dry scales, you should soak in a warm bath for 15 minutes daily. Add some bath oil, oatmeal, sea salt, or a bath gel with coal tar for even better effects.

DIY Rescue Remedy Cream

The following remedy will help you soothe the psoriasis symptoms, and help you heal the lesions. Mix some capsaicin cream with aloe Vera gel and avocado oil. Then, add medical grade essential oils to help the healing process.

These are the best ones you can use:

geranium -for dry, irritated skin
melissa –to soothe the irritated skin
jasmine -for dry sensitive skin
sandalwood -for dehydrated, sensitive, and inflamed skin
bergamot -to heal skin plaques
lavender – to soothe an excessive itching
Therefore, even if you are diagnosed with psoriasis, do not get discouraged, but make sure you provide your skin a proper care, and you can successfully keep it under control.

Source: http://www.healthyfoodhouse.com

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