Fitness for men vs fitness for women

If until now you’ve exercised with your partner, and have concluded that the results of your training exercises are not the same, do not be surprised.
Studies have shown that men’s exercises has more effect when the latter reach fitness goals-it faster than women about their body weight and muscle mass.
Men and women are created differently, and therefore the level of exercise has a different approach to men and women. Let’s look at some of the most important factors that make a difference in the training of men and women.


Testosteron: known as the male hormone while the female hormone estrogen. Here then is precisely the hormone testosterone that helps to increase muscle mass and muscle building. Therefore, if a male and a female of the same length and body weight will perform the same exercises and follow the same exercise regime, the male will have more results after a short period of time.
First, after a period of fitness exercises, the body starts diluted men coming out of shape after gaining muscle mass, but this phenomenon does not occur in the female body. Second, higher muscle mass leads to burning calories faster than women.
Muscle mass: men have more muscle mass than women. Given that muscle mass is greater than in women of the same weight turgor, they have a metabolism better to burn calories, even when you follow a sedentary life, then men will reach the results anticipated in the shorter time than females.


Flexibility: a factor where women outnumber men. Women are more flexible than men when it comes to some fitness’s disciplines.
They are most advantageous to exercise dealing with the extent of muscle otherwise known as “stretching” to popular disciplines such as Pilates and Yoga. Besides the aforementioned factors will also add breathing, feeding regime and metabolism which differ from one gender to another. Therefore women should perform more exercises to achieve the right results after the increase in metabolism and the creation of muscle mass requires a longer time to them.

By: Olivia Joness dot Com

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