6 things you need to do to be healthy

To have a healthy life is easier than it seems, it is enough to have more focus on some things, but very important.From a relaxing yoga session to the food carefully selected, this list will help many to recover the energy of the day.Eat fruits instead of sugar.If you wish to eat something sweet in the morning, fresh fruits are the bests. Apples, bananas, … [Read more...]

The importance of water

Health above all. Make sure for the amount of water you dring drinkWater,which is the source of life, we consume it every day, what it helps us for?Through some unusual simple questions, we will try to answer you correctly.Firstly,you should drink eight glasses of water a day. A sufficient amount of water, which you should consume during the day is the quantity of waste … [Read more...]

10 things to do instead of binging

Ten things that people should do instead of binging are:1.Work Out2.Go for a walk3.Drink a glass of water4.Paint your nails5.Make healthy salad6.Braid your hair7.Learn your favourite song on the guitar8.Draw9.Write a letter10.Imagine yourself at your goal weightYOU CAN DO THIS. KEEP GOING AND REALIZE YOUR DREAM!!! … [Read more...]