Hello, my name is Olivia, and I am the author of OliviaJoness.com. I’ve started this blog because I am continually asked “how I lost weight” and “how I stay thin”.

I thought I should put the answers to those questions in a central location, where you and I both can look at them when we need advice, or a healthy reminder. I am not claiming to be a nutritionist, or a diet expert of any sort. I am just a girl who realized, when her size 12 jeans felt a little snug, that it was past time to change her lifestyle.

My advice is not backed by years of scientific research and numbers. It is only backed by the 1.5 years it took me to drop 50+ pounds, and the 4 years I have been proudly wearing my new jeans.


Eat without depriving yourself of anything, processed and junk food doesn’t count though. You must eat food of highest quality, which is real food, and preferably cooked from scratch. Don’t skip any meals, especially breakfast.

Avoid eating processed foods which have no nourishment and are full of bad fats, bad carbohydrates, refined sugar and fake ingredients. Exercise when ever possible and get plenty of sleep. Thanks for visiting my blog!